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Film & Audio - Production & Post Production
Film Production Equipment Rentals

At EMBS we are all about telling stories with images and sound. A full-service filmmaking, photography, and music making facility, we have the infrastucture, equipment, and expertise to work with any sized project; from multi-million dollar feature films to small independent short films; nationally broadcast commercial campaigns to web-based promo videos; label supported band albums to helping indie artists put the sweet stuff into their music recordings.

People & Equipment We love making films, creating images that have never been seen, and sounds that add depth to a story. We confess, our inner geeks demand working with state of the art tools: cameras, lights, recorders, mics, etc. We pride ourselves on bringing great tools, workflows, and proven best practices to your produciton. For example our new Red Epic-M camera with HDRx and 300FPS!

Film Production Services & Equipment Rental

We make movies, commercials, and music videos. Our projects have played in theatrical runs, at festivals around the world, won awards, been broadcast nationally, and have been among the most successful web-based promotional videos of all time. For a quote or info contact us at info@EMBStudios.com.


Cinematographer Paul Nordin heads our film production group, and brings a wealth of experience to the set. He's shot 16 feature films and countless commercials, music videos, and industrials. We strive to deliver artistic compositions, lighting, and effective crew leadership, with attention to schedule & budget. We bring a great set of tools to film your project.

Location Sound Recording

Winter, Sr. Recording Engineer, has a decade of recording sound for picture. Whether on location, a soundstage, or run-n-gun, he brings a bag full of tricks to capture clear dialog and ambient sounds. Our Sound Devices location sound kit delivers exceptional quality for shotgun & lavalier-based recording.

Film Production Crews

We can field full production teams for your project staffed 100% by skilled crewmembers, so you a may focus on clients, scripts, and actors! Each role filled with people we trust: Camera Op, AC, DIT/Data Wrangler, Boom Op, Gaffer, Key Grip, Grip/Dolly Grip, Grip/Elec, Craft Services, Makeup/Wardrobe, VFX Supervisor.

Production Services

  • Cinematographer: Paul Nordin
  • Location Sound Mixer: Winter
  • Production Crews: Camera-grip-lighting-sound department

Production Equipment for Hire

  • Red Epic-M Camera Kit (PL & Canon mounts)
  • LumaTech Illumina S35 t1.3 Lens Set (18-25-35-50-85mm)
  • Canon 5Dmk2 Camera Kit
  • Canon 'L' Lens set zooms & primes
  • Steadicam Flyer Kit & Operator
  • Doorway dolly - Mirodolly jib - Cineslider
  • Lights by Kinoflo, Dedo, Arri, Mole-Richardson, LED Panels
  • Stands, flags, 12'x & 8'x overheads
  • 25x30x15' Greenscreen Soundstage
  • Sound Kit (SD 744t & Mixer, Sanken Boom, 5 ch of wireless)
  • 1-1/4 ton Grip Truck, and much more. Contact us for the full list

Audio Post-Production Services

Lush Cinematic Soundscapes

Nothing adds more to a cinematic experience than a well crafted soundscape. An original soundtrack deepens the experience of your audience and helps you realize the expressive possibilities of your film or commercial. We have a spacious audio post production and recording facility, and proven workflows that ensure you get amazing sound on your project.

  • 5 Room ProTools based facility featuring Big Soundstage, Foley Stage, ADR/Vocal Booth, Control Room
  • Dialog Editing & ADR
  • Sound Design & Foley Recording
  • Soundtrack Scoring & Original Music Composing
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Field Recording

Workflow makes or breaks schedule and budget in post production. We've spent years refining our processes to take advantage of what's driving the industry now, and the tried and true processes which ensure smooth audio post experience. But mostly, it's the passion our audio post team brings to creating vibrant and lush sound experiences that sets us apart.

Color Correction & Editing Services

World-class Tools to put the polish on your images

Our DaVinci Resolve color grading suite is a true joy to use. Fully decked out, the Resolve-suite features a 24" class-A FSI 10bit reference monitor, Red-Rocket card, dual Cuda Cards, control surface, 16TB SAS RAID drive, 32TB NAS RAIDed backup system, dual 27" GUI monitors, and a 42" Plasma client monitor, which means we can work in real-time at top speed in delivering graded and finished film masters all the way up to Red Epic 5K footage.

We've a long history of color grading film projects from feature films for Sundance & theatrical release, to 30 second spots for HP. "In this digital cinema age, it is absolutely critical for a DP or Cinematographer to be skilled in the language of color correction. Color Correction is a perfect blend of the skills I learned working in hi-tech, and the artistic talents I have honed as a cinematographer. The color correction suite is now where images get finished and that accounts for a significant percentage of the image's final look" - Paul Nordin, our cinematographer and colorist.

Editing & VFX

We edit and do VFX on short-form web-based projects, title sequences, image clean-up, videocasts, promotional videos, and music videos. Our edit bay includes both Final Cut Studio 3, and Premiere Pro & After Effects CS5.5 for editing and 2D VFX editing.