EMB Studios

Film & Audio Production & Post Production

Founded in 1999 by Paul Nordin and built in partnership with Winter and Sharon Knight, EMBS has become an established icon in SF Bay Area filmmaking and music production.

EMB Studios is a team of audio and visual craftspeople, and a community of filmmaking professionals dedicated to creating powerful cinematic experiences which deliver maximum emotional impact. Be it a feature film, commercial, short drama, or music video, our unique combination of skill, passion, and equipment helps bring your vision to life in a way that enfolds the viewer in your world.

Collectively, we have over 45 years of experience in the film and music industries, and are a hub for creative activity in the greater Bay Area. Best of all, we are fun people who know our stuff and love what we do. It is our pleasure to infuse your project with skill, creativity, and good vibes.

Paul Nordin

Cinematographer & Colorist

My introduction to photography came when I was 2 years old sitting atop a crazy-heavy 7” viewfinder camera case strapped to my father’s back hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Things kicked into high gear when my Grandmother gave me an old brownie camera for my 6th birthday, and I never looked back. I continued my exploration of image and storytelling with college curriculum centered around photography, photo-journalism, & computer science and those skills have served me very well as a cinematographer. In 1999 I founded EMB Studios with the intention of creating a film and music production facility designed to deliver no-compromise results at all budget levels.

As a cinematographer, over the last decade+, I've been all over the world shooting films of one type or another, and have amassed a large body of of creative and commercial work. This includes 16 feature length narrative films, and too-many-to-count commercials, music videos, and short films. My work has played at festivals globally, won awards, made profits for producers, sold products, informed people, and even set a world record for web-viewership. As a cinematographer the constant demands for creativity, efficiency, originality, leadership and teamwork continue to push me and inspire me.
Paul Nordin's CV


Location Sound Recording & Audio-Post Sound Mixer

I've been a musician & guitar player my entire life, and was in my first rock band when I was 15 in my hometown of Kassel, Germany. I started working as a sound engineer over 17 years ago, recording music first for myself, then for others professionally. I found that I enjoyed the recording process as much as the music making process, and in 2001 joined EMB Studios full time to expand into audio post production and location sound. Since then I have worked on over 27 films (and documentaries, broadcast shows, commercials etc.), often as both location sound mixer and sound editor and/or re-recording mixer.

Being on set is an exhilarating experience. It stimulates both the technical and the creative sides of my brain. Orson Welles said, “an artist needs a brush, but a film maker needs an army,” and to me, working with an army (big or small) of technically knowledgeable and creative people inspires me to provide the best sound I can, and to lend a hand across departments when the going gets tough. Audio Post-Production requires a whole other set of skills, which in some ways is more akin to mixing music than location sound is: the best performances need to be comped together and edited, out-of-sync elements have to be aligned, every single instrument must get some love in the sounds-better-than-you-thought-possible department, and different sound sources have to be blended in a dynamic and seamless fashion. Whether on set or in the studio, my sound work been instrumental in creating award-wining soundtracks for clients, and I bring technical savvy, creative ideas, and a genuine love of the magic of sound to every project. This is what you can expect from your EMBS sound department. Winter's CV

Sharon Knight

Sound Designer, Foley Artist, & Scoring Artist

Hi there! I have been captivated by sound since my early teens when I had my first garage band, hacking out basic chords with some girls in my neighborhood. I was instantly smitten and have devoted my life to creating evocative songs and soundscapes ever since. I now tour nationally, but prefer not to be on the road all the time, so when EMB Studios asked me to join their sound department I jumped at the chance. I had recorded two albums at EMB Studios and apparently it was my passion for finding the perfect blend of sounds for maximum emotional impact, plus my attention to detail that caught the ears of company founder Paul Nordin.

Since 2005 I have been adding my sonic alchemy to team EMBS by way of Foley, sound design, and scoring. It has been great fun to expand my love of evoking emotion with music into these other areas. I strive to craft custom sounds for every project as much as possible, so that each film has it's own unique soundscape. I've been involved in several award-winning projects, and am told that my knack for thinking outside the box, intuitive communication style, attention to detail, and passion for my craft has proven to be a be a great asset to clients on all aspects of the post-production process. This makes me happy.